I’m Pascale, French expat living in friendly Bristol, England and I am here to help you and your family feel happier in your home by creating interior spaces that work for you and bring you joy.

My designs are always done with sustainability in mind. I think we came to a point where we cannot ignore the climate change and we have to do something about it. Anything we can. No act is too small, whether it’s by sourcing responsibly, becoming minimalist, or putting energy saving systems in place…

I have always been attracted to Mid-Century Modern but I would say my style is eclectic. I like to mix the Old with the New, but I definitely prefer the option of giving a second (or more!) life to a piece, or have it made bespoke rather than buy off the shelf! It gives so much more soul to a design, and of course, it’s a better option to help preserve our Mother Earth.

Being a mother, I realised the need of making conscious decisions to protect the world we are leaving to our children…

Even our smallest acts have consequences, and I feel it’s urgent that we give Humanity and Mother Earth their place back in a greedy society that always wants more, always faster, to the detriment of true values.


Kindness.     Respect.    Authenticity. 

are 3 of my core values.

I believe that our world needs these values more than ever.

Through my designs I favour the use of natural materials, sublimated by human’s creativity which both I am in absolute awe of.

I favour sustainable materials, and furniture and accessories made by artisans or small design studios because I think it is time we stop favouring profit at the expense of the planet and Humanity.

I encourage you to take time furnishing your home because it is the only way you can decorate it with pieces that have real value to you: either you found them during a beautiful family trip or made them yourself over several week-ends.

When designing, ask yourself those 3 questions:

Do these design solutions respect the Planet ? Do they support Humanity ? Are they true to Myself ?

I  help you bring your interior project to life.


If you have a hard time starting your home renovation project, or you don’t know how long it will take or how much it will cost, I can help you with that!

After 15 years as a Project Coordinator, working in cultural events and TV production, planning and getting things done is what I do!

I am an Organiser and an Achiever.