A HOME to love, A HOME to care

Our physical environment has a great impact on our mood and mental health.

More than ever before, creating a loving cocoon in our home where we can feel safe, looked after, and loved has become vital.

I realised it when, after my separation, I needed to provide a home for my children so they can feel as much loved and cared for than when we were all united under the same roof as a family every week of the year.

interior designer in bristol

Being a mother,


to protect the world we are leaving our children.

Even our smallest acts have consequences, and I feel it’s urgent that we give Humanity and Mother Earth their place back in a greedy society that always wants more, always faster, to the detriment of true values.



CONSCIOUS Interior Designer

My name is Pascale

And I am on a mission to provide home design for family homeowners so they can feel happier and improve their well-being. I do it with a conscious approach towards the planet and Humanity.


I love dancing, eating, and making people happy.

Kindness.     Respect.    Authenticity. 

are 3 of my core values.

I believe that our world needs these values more than ever.

Through my designs I favour the use of natural materials, sublimated by human’s creativity which both I am in absolute awe of.

I favour sustainable materials, and furniture and accessories made by artisans or small design studios because I think it is time we stop favouring profit at the expense of the planet and humanity.

I encourage you to take time furnishing your home because it is the only way you can decorate it with pieces that have real value to you: either you found them during a beautiful family trip or made them yourself over several week-ends.

When designing, ask yourself those 3 questions:

Do these design solutions respect the planet ? Do they support Humanity ? Are they true to myself ?

I  help you bring your interior project to life.


If you have a hard time starting your home project, or fear of taking too much time once you started it, I can help you with that!

After 15 years as a Project Coordinator, working in cultural events and cinema, planning and getting things done is what I do!

I am an Organiser and an Achiever.

Get to know me

and tell me about your family home design project.