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Family Home Design in Bristol and Bath


After a busy day, you look around the living room and wonder if you’ll ever find a minute’s peace. A lively household means the housework keeps mounting up and so do the aches and pains.

There’s always something to tidy, to move, to clean. There’s kid’s stuff, washing, books, pots everywhere and it makes you feel tired just looking at it. being at home feels more like another to-do list.

Your home is the centre of your family, and it only makes you feel tired.


It doesn’t have to be that way!

Home is where they all come back to. Where everyone feels safe and loved. t’s where you all belong together.

Being at home should lift your spirits, boost your energy and quieten your mind whenever you need it to.

It could flex with your routine: be your Office, your Gym, your Restaurant, your Hotel.

It could reflect who you are as a family and what you enjoy.

And remind you of fond memories made together.

Your home is part of the family too.

Family Home design will help you create fond memories…


I am Pascale, a French Interior Designer and Organiser who can help you create living spaces that support you and help your family thrive.

I offer family home design aligned with your home goals and personality.

Through design and decorating, I will help your family:

  • Get ready for their day
  • Enjoy family time
  • Inspire their biggest dreams
  • Support their exercise routines
  • Restore their energy

I can bring your home to life.


Feel refreshed when you go out and excited to come home again!

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And then…

Imagine a home
in which you’ll

I was amazed at what Pascale came up with for our home. So sensitive and thoughtful. A beautiful person to design your home with…

Daniel M.

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